This is the season to celebrate!  Bring on Spring!  The birds are chirping and the buds are blooming.  Brightening up your home with a fresh new look brings joy to you and everyone around you!

It starts with your front door, the entrance into your home can be a welcoming feel for Spring and new beginnings. Than the interior of your home can be alive with happiness and joy!



During the holiday season, wouldn't it be nice to sit back and relax? Of course we already have a ton of things on our plate, why add holiday decorating to the list!  


Jill Rae Design will come to your home, do your shopping, and put up your holiday decor without adding to the holiday stress! From a whimsical to a classic look, we will create the space that you and your family to enjoy!



Winter decorating can be tough, with the holidays behind us, and the cold weather ahead.  We believe a home should always be at its best.  

Bringing your space to a cozy place everyone will gather is our number one goal.