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Tablescape Ideas That Will Wow Your Family!

If you are prepping for Easter or celebrating Passover, your table is the number one space that your creative side can really be tested! This year, we all will be celebrating in a much different way, probably a smaller crowd and maybe some sad feelings of missing distant family.

Lets make the most of it and really wow the ones we get to be with! Just because your crowd is down in numbers, doesn't mean we can't celebrate and EAT!

In this blog, I am so excited to share with you 6 different tablescape ideas! I will be using the same cutlery, china and crystal throughout...bringing in new and in some cases natural elements to create a fun and enjoyable display. I would first recommend gathering up your display items you already have. We all have bought the odd pieces here and there, do we still love it? Maybe not, but maybe this is the time to put a new spin on it, use it for a different use, or use something you never thought would be even possible!

Table #1

With this table we brought in a ton of exiting bright colors! Pastels scream Easter.

Some tips when creating your tablescape is to add several elements. Height is a big one, obviously keeping in mind people need to see each other through. Holding a conversation while twisting your neck to see the person across from you in never fun. Place the height between chairs. Basically, no need to make sure the height is in the middle, it can be off centered as well!

Another element to include is textures. Having several textures on your table adds wonderful dimension and warmth.

I used hand woven placemats as the charges, and tied the pink buffalo print napkins to create a bunny look!

Another great addition is to personalize the spots! Having place card holders, assigning family/friends to their spot adds a fun formal spin! Check out this super cute bunny ears for our place cards!

Table #2

Here is a whole different look! Using many textures, and height, this look is natural and fun! A simple roll of burlap was used to create the table runner. While bamboo cocktail plates dressed up the place setting with an accent of color in the carrost! If you happen to live in the Ridgefield area, you can get these at 109 Cheese! Driftwood was used to balance of the empty space. It is said to have your table full, to make a full impression.

Creating a fun Easter egg hunt around the table with these speckled pastel foam eggs. Eye catching and fitting for the occasion.

Table #3

Passover is also celebrated in Spring! This year Passover starts on April 8th, and ends April 16th. I was new to this celebration, research and chatted with friends who celebrate. I figured it would be nice to share a tablescape idea! bringing family together and celebrating their history is a major part of this holiday.

Table #4

This could be fun for the whole family! Head outdoors, pick up sticks! With this look, it is very elegant, yet the height is the natural element! Putting stick in a vase, hang Easter eggs, any type, adds a fun visual look. If you would like to try to make my decoupage eggs, refer to my previous blog!!

This was my families favorite! Hence why it is still set up in my dinning room! This look I wanted it to be classy, yet different! Taking martini glasses and placing small nests with some cute gold speckled eggs, really made a unique twist!

My Glass Hanging Eggs are from Pottery Barn, they have been shipping out fast if you wanted to score some for yourself!

Layering your plates is another way to add dimension to your setup. I added color here with some small cocktail plates I had from Anthropology.

Finally the Glass Domes, or Cloches are used to fill in the landscape of the table. Each Cloche has a added natural element inside, with some real moss, fake birds and gold speckled eggs!

Table #5

Spring has sprung!! I know not everyone will have a ton of bunches of tulips laying around the house. however, this is to give you the feel of an enormous amount of flowers! If you are braving the grocery stores, head to the floral department! They are full of fresh flower and potted flowers. Take this look but add fresh! What a beautiful and fresh smelling way to dress up your table!

Adding in other holiday pieces I had sitting in a bin in the house, was a fun way to use some older items.

Again, my family and I went outdoors to capture the height of this tablescape! Forsythia is blooming like crazy! Its bright and a perfect element to add!

Adding the hanging eggs I made bring your eye up and adds a fun whimsical look! You can head to my previous blog to learn how to make these yourself!

Table #6...and the final look for today!

Candy! As a kid that is one of the memories I have. Receiving a ton of chocolate, going on Easter Egg Hunts to find treats spread out all over the house. During our isolation days...what a great way to bring some fun to your table! Easy to find right now, bags and bags of foiled eggs, or Hershey kisses. I have bigger kids, so they are out of the Easter Egg hunt stage, this is a fun way to give it back to them, without the hunt!

We happen to have different size candy jars laying around, lol not really. I thought of this idea and found these, super inexpensive ones on Wayfair...delivered in 2 days! Then headed to the grocery store to some candy to fill it! keeping in mind what each family member loves, I specifically picked so satisfy everyone.

This table doesn't have their specific place setting..however it does have their very own large chocolate bunny! Again, adding to the Easter thrill of an abundance amount of chocolate!

As you can see, we have height, texture and a ton of fun color!

All in all...whatever you create will be beautiful! I had such a great time building these for you, in hopes that it would inspire, and bring you joy!

This is a great holiday where you feast together as a family, bond over amazing food and share your amazing creations with the ones you love!

Stay safe and healthy!

Happy Easter and Passover to all my friends and family!xoxo


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